There will be a lot to reflect on the meeting of Pope Francis with young Italians. But first of all it will be appropriate to answer a question: to whom did the Pope speak? Did he really only speak to young people or did he turn to adults? He only asked young people to get involved and not to laze on the couch or rather have groomed adults, because they are the first ones who have to get back into the game? If today we see a loss in young people it is because adults have decided for too long that there is always time to grow up. And so the natural progress of the things for which a generation inherited the previous one and improved it was broken, trying to correct instability and fragility, learning from mistakes, struggling, experimenting and risking.Bergoglio has repeatedly insisted on the responsibility of the “dream”. He has been saying it to young people for years. His concise and icastic phrase, that is, endowed with notable representative efficacy when addressed to young people is: «Do not let your dreams be stolen». And who steals the dreams? And above all because dreams are stolen? Dreams are taken away and defused by adults, who prefer to have young “anesthetized”, good as a regiment of soldiers in a row, smartphones grafted, carefree, full of things, but lacking in taste and curiosity to know, understand, to do, to try. Adults think that young people are happy, because they have everything and above all they do not have the responsibility of becoming adults, a condition where they (adults) do not feel at all well.
When the Pope encourages young people and explains that it is wonderful to grow up, even a little restless and somewhat rebellious, when the Pope wards young people not to become ballast by their own choice or by acceptance of the perimeter imposed by the magic circle of powers that suffocate the freedom to take care of one’s own destiny and which impose the rule of fatalism, in reality is aimed at adults.
Today, adults believe that young people must be skilled predators and shrewd consumers. They train them to be happy at the expense of others, they go out of their way to save them from fatigue, pain, to avoid them coming to terms with responsibility and memories. In fact they mortify them, even when they put themselves, pathetic, in their step, they dress like them and pretend to think like them, even if they do not give up anything and hold in their hands every lever from politics to economy to religion. Who today explains to young people how things are in this game of mirrors that confuses them and keeps them nailed to the illusion that we can stop on the threshold of reality? The Church, because she is convinced, unlike others, that young people are able to get out of the trap if they are encouraged and helped to understand.If you help young people to structure their desires and dreams, without impatience, without prior judgments, and stop filling their needs only and protect them from history, if adults learn to wait and not to expect, to accompany and to care for relationships, if they are convinced that young people must have access to work, study, home and also to the family, to affections and faith by right and not by a stroke of luck, then they will be able to resume the regular course of generations. It is not difficult. But the first move now is for adults.