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The “high profile” government requested by Mattarella, who will have to manage the vaccine plan and how to spend the 209 billion of the Recovery fund, is therefore ready. The Draghi executive was born more political than expected, although the team of technicians (8 out of 23 ministers), all of quality, is destined for the departments that matter: ecological and digital transition, the core business of the new team with a hybrid structure. There is also an additional nuance that favors the presence of the North over the Count 2. There will be time to understand if the high expectations have been met or if we have remained below the expected threshold, in any case what makes the difference are the specific weight and credibility of Draghi, whose imprint is directly visible in the choice of the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, a loyalist of the former central banker and general manager of Bankitalia.

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