Kneeling with arms outstretched and hands folded, in front of police rifles and shields. The photographs that come from Myanmar (formerly Burma) of fear and violence are the perfect image of the Church that comes out of the Temple and throws itself into History. Literally on your knees. She started Sister Ann Rosa Nu Tawng and said she didn’t even know why she did it. It all happened quickly. The police who charged the demonstrators, the wounded who poured into the clinic where Sister Ann worked. People running away, guns pointed and she screaming and running towards the policemen’s shields and kneeling: “Shoot, I’m not going away.” The naive question to ask soldiers and policemen is: “why are you here, instead of being at home defending your loved ones?” Because if you shoot, you shoot your mother, you shoot your wife, you shoot your children. And you are not next to them to defend them from those who shoot at them, because you are the ones who shoot at the mother, at the wife at the children….

Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the only true world leader. The trip to Iraq was the perfect and definitive confirmation, if anyone still had any doubts. In full pandemic, in the midst of the global storm, he went where everyone advised him against to speak to a world that resists an incredible lie, that of non-plural identities, personal and community individualism, declined today in neo-health imperialism and in diplomacy of protection as opposed to that of multilateralism.