Mario Draghi

And now it is a question of whether and how Mario Draghi will be able to build parliamentary consensus to set up his “high profile” government and “without reference to any political formula” as stated in the post he received from the Head of State. At first the situation is confused: the speed with which the Quirinale closed the “Conte-ter” attempt and opened that of the “President’s” government has put everyone in difficulty, especially those who did not have a plan B compared to the simple re-proposal of the yellow-red government put in crisis by Matteo Renzi. The Pd of Zingaretti for example, it seems that he did not expect it, he was caught off guard and reacted as his history and nature want, with a sense of responsibility.

I can anticipate that the new head of government will be Mario Draghi, due to the fear that hovers among the parliamentarians who cannot be re-elected in the next elections: unfortunately it will not be possible to implement the reforms that really serve Italy-

digital innovation, investments and elimination of all paper bureaucracy

training, continuous with public-private competition and five-year confirmation through teacher evaluation

the Public Administration with the elimination of all bureaucratic rules including the decrees implementing the law (the law + valid for what is written there)

 justice, with normally only two degrees of justice, eliminating all forms of invalidation and prescription and giving centrality and patrimonial responsibility to the decision of the judges.

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