Alexei Navalny vs Vladimir Putin

The arrest of Alexei Navalny on his return home and the beginning of the Biden presidency in the United States risk opening the Pandora’s box of complicated Russian reality and international relations. The demonstrations on Saturday 23 and yesterday highlighted mainly two elements. The first is that in Russia we are at the beginning of a generational revolt of the youngest, demanding change, against the elderly, who love Soviet-style stability.

The question we ask ourselves is how Putin, who until now has shown himself capable of governing a great and difficult nation, will succeed in governing the inevitable change.

From his future moves, will he be remembered as a great statesman or as a bloodthirsty dictator?

History teaches that those who have not been able to accept the changes of peoples have finished their earthly experience like all of us, with death, and in contempt of his name and his memory.

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