World Trade Organization

She is the first woman and the first African citizen to head the World Trade Organization. Appointed not for gender equality but only for her skills. Economist Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former Minister of Finance in Nigeria, was appointed to the top of the WTO a few days ago and will now be able to make her great experience, gained with a path that took her from the great African continent to Harvard, to then return to her homeland to wage crucial battles such as that for managing the massive debt of her country of origin. This is an appointment that gives rise to great expectations, as also underlined by Qu Dongyu, director of FAO. Iweala will have to try to reorganize the rules of global trade after the pandemic, also looking at the limitations and distortions that had already manifested themselves in the face.

All that remains is to wish him good luck.

Democracy and economy

The much feared storm in the East has arrived. The barometers in the international chancelleries now gave it as imminent. After the riots on the streets in every corner of Russia, with demonstrators demanding the release of the dissident Alexei Navalny, it is now the turn of the diplomatic confrontation. Russia against the European Union; United States against Russia and China. After Joe Biden took office in the White House, the world seems to have plunged back into the days of the Cold War. The Trump era, in which Washington closed its eyes to human rights violations, is over. The Russian and Chinese interference in the US elections of 2016 and 2020, in the consultations of the Old Continent after 2014 and the continuous cyber attacks from the East will have an answer, the new US president promised. The EU has also taken sides on the defense of fundamental rights and democracy: it has been silent with the Kremlin for too long and now it is time to raise one’s voice.

The power of education

Italy’s strategic lag compared to other industrialized states can be summed up in one figure: 13 million. There are many Italian adults with a low level of education. According to UNESCO ISCE data, they make up 20% of the 66 million parigrades in Europe. A disproportion that goes to join the lowest proportion of adults participating in education and training activities. The OECD average is 52%, the Italian one 24%. It means that while technology advances every day and subjects the daily needs of adaptation, the majority of the active population remains excluded from innovative processes. And this explains why, in the face of unemployment that reaches 9%, companies find it difficult to find workers capable of operating in the new production lines. And this explains why in our nation, from the PA to politics, it is difficult to achieve the high quality standards that one would expect in a nation like Italy.

Mario Draghi

And now it is a question of whether and how Mario Draghi will be able to build parliamentary consensus to set up his “high profile” government and “without reference to any political formula” as stated in the post he received from the Head of State. At first the situation is confused: the speed with which the Quirinale closed the “Conte-ter” attempt and opened that of the “President’s” government has put everyone in difficulty, especially those who did not have a plan B compared to the simple re-proposal of the yellow-red government put in crisis by Matteo Renzi. The Pd of Zingaretti for example, it seems that he did not expect it, he was caught off guard and reacted as his history and nature want, with a sense of responsibility.

I can anticipate that the new head of government will be Mario Draghi, due to the fear that hovers among the parliamentarians who cannot be re-elected in the next elections: unfortunately it will not be possible to implement the reforms that really serve Italy-

digital innovation, investments and elimination of all paper bureaucracy

training, continuous with public-private competition and five-year confirmation through teacher evaluation

the Public Administration with the elimination of all bureaucratic rules including the decrees implementing the law (the law + valid for what is written there)

 justice, with normally only two degrees of justice, eliminating all forms of invalidation and prescription and giving centrality and patrimonial responsibility to the decision of the judges.

Giulio Regeni

On the fifth anniversary of the death of Giulio Regeni, there were three important news regarding the unsolved crime of the twenty-eight-year-old PhD student at Cambridge University. The preliminary hearing before the Rome GUP Pier Luigi Balestrieri for the four Egyptian secret service agents accused of kidnapping, torture and murder is scheduled for April 29th. On January 20, the request for indictment was received for 007 Tariq Sabir, Athar Kamel Mohamed Ibrahim, Uhsam Helmi, Magdi Ibrahim Abdelal Sharif. The accusations brought against them by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office range from multiple kidnapping to complicity in aggravated homicide and complicity in aggravated personal injury. The investigators were able to trace the names thanks to the collaboration of Egyptian witnesses, now sheltered abroad but awaiting protection.

Alexei Navalny vs Vladimir Putin

The arrest of Alexei Navalny on his return home and the beginning of the Biden presidency in the United States risk opening the Pandora’s box of complicated Russian reality and international relations. The demonstrations on Saturday 23 and yesterday highlighted mainly two elements. The first is that in Russia we are at the beginning of a generational revolt of the youngest, demanding change, against the elderly, who love Soviet-style stability.

The question we ask ourselves is how Putin, who until now has shown himself capable of governing a great and difficult nation, will succeed in governing the inevitable change.

From his future moves, will he be remembered as a great statesman or as a bloodthirsty dictator?

History teaches that those who have not been able to accept the changes of peoples have finished their earthly experience like all of us, with death, and in contempt of his name and his memory.