Last night the Senate, at the end of a very long session, with a debate in many respects modest if not miserable, granted the confidence to the executive which, however, did not reach an absolute majority of votes (equal to 161, but was not formally requested ) stopping at an altitude of 156, a little more than was feared in the afternoon and a little less than the hopes of Palazzo Chigi. So Conte remains in the saddle but is weakened, very weakened, and who knows how long he will last. Moreover, it is not clear why Renzi, who yesterday gave a very harsh speech against the inefficiency of the government and its president, in the end resolved to have his 17 senators abstain, thus removing a handful from the “no front” of votes that perhaps would have marked the victory of the opposition.

We understand that the Recovery Plan is still not working. Concern is growing for a recollected and breathless majority. Everyone agrees on the need for a unifying dream for the country and not a hunt for a single vote in Parliament.

The majority forces must change pace, to make a qualitative leap, not to postpone the solution of problems, to make a legislative pact

When the fog of fake news clears it will be clearer to understand what is happening.

The problem is the failure to reopen schools, the high mortality of Covid, the economic crisis among the most serious in Europe, the delay in vaccination, a Recovery Plan not up to par with our country, blocked infrastructures, the crisis of the little ones who are closing and will not reopen.

The time will also come when someone will return to reflect on reformism in this country.

What is the point of spending 88 billion of the 127 billion of European loans just to finance projects that already existed? Do we have a vision or have we just emptied the drawers of ministries with the old proposals? Do we think we have no good ideas to cultivate today? There are projects that would need to take out all 128 billion in loans. if there are good ideas, now is the time to fund them. Do you get debt? Sure. But the only way to fight debt is growth, not subsidies.

Because either we have the growth, consistent, true, or our children will find themselves a sea of ​​debts to repay, without being able to do it.

Opportunities, in LIFE, RARELY HAPPEN TWICE.


The doses of vaccine disappear in the political conflict or do not arrive at all in many countries that are unable to meet market guarantees. So at the beginning of a global vaccination campaign never seen on the face of the earth, the foreseen troubles seem to outweigh the expected benefits. Probably Pope Francis is right, who still yesterday at the Angelus reiterated that things will go better if “we work together for the common good”. Nobody, not even the Pope knows how it will end, but he is absolutely convinced of one thing and that is that it will be fine if each of us and all together commit ourselves to take care of one another and of creation, which is our common home. “Care” will be the key word for 2021, the second year of the pandemic. Yet “cure” is a concept that contrasts, to stay on the subject of Covid-19 only, with another misfortune that many health policies and economic rules have imposed and now spread globally. It is called “health nationalism”, a sort of gold rush to grab the best for oneself by tripping neighbors and keeping those who already are away.