Is justice a human product?

In the West, criticism of the Egyptian state and those who govern it are on the agenda. In Egypt, the anti-terrorism law wanted by the president not only allows preventive detention without terms or evidence but with impunity recommends it as a cure for spoilers and political prisoners: there are 60 thousand, a public criticism of the regime is enough to fall into this huge number. This from a leadership of liars that has not yet managed to admit the truth about the crime of Giulio Regeni, the Italian researcher from Cambridge University who died on January 25, 2016 while he was working in Cairo on a doctoral thesis on the country’s trade unions. .

The Italian judiciary will soon start a trial against Egyptian officials, the Egyptian judiciary believes that nothing has happened.

At this point the question arises: can the judiciary be considered justice, or can the judiciary and justice follow political and moral events?