intelligence and pride

Great emphasis in Italy for isolating the coronavirus virus. Unfortunately, the genome had already been made public by China in an international database.As Nature recalls in a January 31 article, the first to isolate the virus were “a team from the Wuhan Institute of Virology led by virologist Zheng-Li Shi [who] isolated the virus from a 49-year-old woman, who developed the symptoms on December 23, 2019 before falling seriously ill. “Reading the words reported by the Ministry of Health, by Giovanni Rezza, director of the ISS infectious diseases department, we discover that “viral isolation was also carried out in Italy by Spallanzani”.The Ministry portal does not refer to primates of any kind, nor are they found in the authoritative foreign press.On the other hand, we are in a state where investment in research is zero, researchers are paid € 1,500 per month, and the best prefer to run abroad.With voters preferring the state to spend money on assistance and pensions.

state and crime

The Latins knew the famous saying “pecunia non olet”, a statement full of self-indulgence immune to any ethical and idealistic hesitation. From the slogan the step is short, yesterday as today, in believing that money, whatever its more or less legitimate origin, still brings wealth and well-being to the community. In the southern regions, for example, if there were no organized crime, unemployment would be at least 10% higher.