Do we wash our hands?

The undernourished people have reached 820 million with a jump of 25 million compared to 2017. It seemed a few years ago that the list could be shortened. But it didn’t happen that way. The number of those suffering from hunger has soared towards a peak never reached. Because food is wasted and because food has become the most globalized commodity. It is called agro-business and often has little to do with nutrition and much with the reckless use of resources in favor of an increasingly smaller slice of the population. Let us reflect on how we too contribute to this shame.

tax evasion in Italy

Today at Radio24(Italy), Focus Economia: 60% of the national annual IRPEF revenue is guaranteed by 12% of tax payers, almost all of whom are employees. This means that each employee pays taxes even for the 4 who do not pay them. The evasion / avoidance is estimated within a range between 100 and 140 billion a year, equal to 3-4 of the current financial maneuvers per year. Even if they are said to be shabby, evaders / evaders still benefit from all the public services paid by those who are unable to evade or evade tax. And then they come to say that the use of traceable payment instruments, through which the real standard of living of the tax payers is measured, is an “attack on freedom”. Yes, the freedom to escape.