movement or party?

In any way the crisis of the Italian Government is resolved, whether the Conte government remains in office or whether a new one of “purpose” or “electoral guarantee” is installed, that Salvini succeeds in obtaining the summoning of the polls in a short time or instead Grillo manages to avoid the end of the legislature thus saving the country from “psycho-dwarves, dancers and propaganda ministers” (until yesterday his allies), the time of the budgets came for the 5 Stars. Budgets that can only close in deep red. Red in the polls: 50% less than a year ago. Red in credibility: betrayed the key points of the electoral program. Red on the front of the ruling class: improvised and unprepared. Rosso, finally, on the crucial point of a political force propelled as an alternative to the system, identity: lost on the street. Then, someone in the 5 stars says he is not of the left. True, only the division is missing.

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