improve school, improve the country

The Italian school, the data say, if, according to it, Eurostat is in free fall. The latest reform costing millions of euros and the inclusion of over 100,000 teachers, initially called the enhancer and today perceived as a cause of inequalities by the teachers themselves, has not produced quality results for the students, fundamental to start the country on the road to the current , continues, decay.
Where and when did all this begin?
Living in the school and having the opportunity to observe public and private schools, of education but also of regional training, I can affirm that currently we go forward only for the commitment, beyond one’s duty, of the many teachers and staff who work there and do their utmost with commitment.
What is missing?
Pupils, parents, managers and professors are able to give the answer, which does not coincide with the political logic, makes it impossible for merit to enter the school, allowing instead the entry of people without vocation and without professionalism.
The great reform to restart the new Italian renaissance consists in reforming the access of personnel in the school, selecting it on the basis of merit with fair, fair and above all transparent competitions.
Open competitions, in which the previous service is not the rewarding element but only the opportunity to show the skills acquired over the years of supply.
The years of service must benefit those who show that they have learned to manage a class, that they have acquired teaching skills and techniques to improve our young students: from whatever initial condition they start, everyone is able to improve.
It is therefore sufficient to have reserved competitions, but not even competitions based exclusively on the concepts learned in the universities.
One must have the courage to select based on the possession of individual characteristics, the knowledge of the subject, their communicative ability, their leadership, flexibility, rationality, programming skills. It should be selected based on the passion in the job, not the number of years of service.

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