Italian coherence

The least that can be said of the Five Star Movement on great works is that consistency is not its forte. Take the Tap, which stands for Trans Adriatic Pipeline, the 878 kilometer gas pipeline that should carry methane extracted in Azerbaijan, connecting the Caspian Sea with Puglia through Albania. It would end up at 700 meters from the Salento beach of San Foca, one of the most beautiful in Puglia, under the sea bed where even the sea turtles live, immense marine prairies rich in fauna that give oxygen to the Adriatic. The grillini had from the beginning embraced the battle of the Salentini, denouncing “the eco-friendly” even to the European Parliament. The struggle lasts without fear to the pipeline was a qualifying point of the pentastellate electoral campaign. At the No Tap event on 22 September 2014, Beppe Grillo shouted: “It must be the people who decide, even on the gas pipeline. If to do the work they will put the army in the field, we will put our army “.

Global Compact who wins and who does not

A global phenomenon such as migration requires a multilateral response. How many times have we heard in Italy this reference to Europe, to the point of having become almost a litany. Now something has moved, not in the EU where the 27 countries remain divided on the extension of the Sofia mission of military struggle to smugglers, on the reform of the Dublin Treaty (which obliges to request the status of asylum in the first port state) and on the redistribution of migrants between 27. A division also confirmed at the last Council of Ministers of the Interior, last Thursday. Meanwhile, however, yesterday in Marrakesh, Morocco, at the international conference of the United Nations 164 countries have signed the “Global compact for migration” which for the first time tackles the phenomenon by joining forces. The document has a limit: it is not binding. But it has a merit: it recognizes problems and possible solutions.