Brave priests

It is a trail of forgotten blood. Eaves on the world and nobody tells it. It is the blood of the priests, shepherds for slaughter, killed by dozens and of which it is also difficult to give a face. The last two killed them three days ago in the Central African Republic, where the Pope went to open the Jubilee of Mercy, a land of absolute violence, a forgotten war, a conflict that ended in the shadow of the media, like almost all those where the priests are executed because they are with people and people suffer the same fate of blood. They were called Blaise Mada and Celestino Ngoumbango. With them, on November 15th, we arrived at thirty-two, a very high and unprecedented figure, a priest killed every ten days, already more than double last year and we are not yet at the end of 2018.

Illiteracy and democracy

Italy is second in Europe, preceded only by Turkey, in the un honorable ranking of functional illiteracy. 28% of Italians, although they seem able to read and write, have difficulty understanding simple texts, such as the instruction booklet of a mobile phone, and are lacking in many useful skills in everyday life. They are functional illiterates. No European nation has such a high number of them. And it is seen in politics, where, in the face of those who are lined up with good reason, this 28 percent determines the victory or defeat of a party, a government, a nation .