Italy: promoted old and lazzaroni

The statements of the last few months of authoritative exponents of the Italian government, tending to underestimate the risks that Italy runs for the size of its public debt, have dangerously influenced popular opinion. Most citizens now seem convinced of the fact that Italy, therefore we all, does not run any danger; in short, there is no reason to worry. Just rely on the automatic adjustments that a possible future growth will know how to put into practice. This mixture of fatality, resignation and persistent lack of civic realism is the first cause of the most dangerous social fragility that has produced great disasters elsewhere.

A financial debt. Forgetting the rationalization of expenses, the improvement of public services, the school, the importance of attracting investments, the situation of banks. A financial, in short, disastrous for the future of Italy.

The Government has deliberated what the overwhelming majority of the Italian electorate has always been calling for: more subsidies to those who do not generate income or intend to stop generating it as soon as possible, lower taxes to those who already pay relatively few and fewer penalties to those who the taxes have already evaded or intend to evade them. And, of course, the band’s accountant is steadfast in his place trying to see how to make ends meet that, as the years to come will show, quadrables are not.

This Budget not only ignores economic growth and social injustice but is simultaneously the enemy of the former and the harbinger of the latter. There is no rationalization of public spending in this law, there is not even a rhetorical gesture to the improvement of public services, the reform and refinancing of the obsolete school and university system, nothing to fuel competition and attract productive investments from abroad , nothing to reform a banking system wedged by a decade in a paralysis without exit, not a nod to the union monopolies that control the service sector: nothing that can help the stagnant productivity of the Italian economic system to increase.

This government confirms that it wants to do what it promised.


That is to subsidize unproductive and assisted social classes by penalizing the now minority, productive social groups that pay asphyxiating taxes.

Money to the lazzaroni and the elderly, to the detriment of the next generations.


While the lazzaroni are allowed to buy, and the elderly think to enjoy the remaining days to the fullest, the new generations, drunk by decades of trash television, do not even know what it means to think and fight collectively. Everyone for themselves, aware of the future disaster, think they can individually save themselves, because so do the superheroes. I conclude by defending the League of Salvini, once North, then led by the condemned Bossi who made his fortune proposing the elimination of false invalidity pensions characteristic of southern regions: in the financial we find “that part of the income should be recovered from pensions civil disability and those for work invalidity. “Consistent