We can divide them into two large groups:

those who escape from war zones, massacres, violence, come to us, ask and obtain political asylum in the hope, ours and them, of a return to their homeland. Humanely, they are to be welcomed.

Those who leave their homeland, basically looking for a better human condition.

Poor areas, which in a few decades have surpassed the population of the rich and destined Europe and an impressive demographic increase. Of course, they will do everything to emigrate to Europe. Of course the condition for not letting them emigrate is to raise their standard of living, at our level. Only possible if our quality level will get worse. Will we have to go back to emigrating as at the beginning of the 20th century?

History teaches, the movements of the populations are unstoppable.

Sorry for the simplifications, but only by simplifying, perhaps, everyone will sense the stupid things that our rulers offer us as solutions.

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