The desire to build and reconnect the divisions is what is missing today from a part of the population of rich countries, turned in on itself. But when tragedies happen, a machine is set in motion that we see only partially in action: hundreds of rescuers (by profession or volunteers) from all over the world saturate the first wounds (from the collapse of a bridge to the earthquake to the flood ) and lay the foundations for reconstruction, removing physical and psychological debris.
Then there are the “volunteers in need”, citizens who offer to help even if they do not belong to associations. It is a world, that of volunteering, which with its work also creates ties, builds communities, unites a population that in many parts is broken up, the sum of loneliness that have lost the sense of common good and sharing.
It happens not only in emergencies, but especially in everyday life, when this world responds to needs otherwise evaded and fills the voids left by the states, from its heavy administrative machine that has a short blanket, especially financially.
Today there is a great need for indulgent and non-judgmental looks, gazes that unite and create meetings rather than divisions. Politics is needed, but we all need it. It is the hour of great closeness, of human solidarity that unites us in the face of the tragedies that strike us.
We must, for all things, rediscover the sense of community. By contributing, each in its own small way, to recreate a basis of mutual trust, to create a positive social network: this is what the deep fear we have in us wins.

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