bridge collapse in Italy

Ponte Morandi, the bridge of the A10 motorway that connects Genoa to its western side and then to Savona and Ventimiglia, has collapsed this morning. A section of the viaduct suspended for several tens of meters was mainly due to a structural collapse on the inhabited area below. Dozens of cars that would have crashed. The 118 hijacked all available ambulances. “The dimension is epoch-making, dozens of dead among those who fell from the viaduct who got stuck under the rubble, the firefighters along with the sanitary facilities are pulling out the patients, someone has already arrived in the hospitals of Genoa. of Lombardy and Piedmont, all hospitals are available, we are working but at this moment we do not yet have the full size of the problem “. Francesco Bermano, director of the 118 of Genoa, told Adnkronos. During the rescue, a gas leak forced the firefighters to evacuate the intervention area.

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