A boy, writing on Facebook, has called the gay pride a ridiculous one. I agree, certain manifestations are not in tune with my way of seeing the world.Anzi, exactly wrote: “There is nothing worse and more ridiculous than gay pride in the world?”, I would say yes, that there is something worse. Ignorance.

Any statement, requires an in-depth analysis of the root causes and motivations of the phenomenon that is analyzed.Requests the big attempt to understand the other, to understand why it behaves in a certain way, because it reacts as it should not, because screams of anger, It acts in an unconscious way. It is always ignorance that does not allow us to understand the dramas, the privations, the humiliations suffered by other men, the more we are well, the more we have power, the more we do not understand the different, the different. We only hope that we will never be on the other side, we could no longer use social media to show how small we are.

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