European economy

After eight years of protection and 289 billion loans (to be repaid by 2060), the troika has restored financial autonomy to Athens, and Tzipras has put the tie back on. There are still huge problems for the Greeks, but it is good news for Europe, which at the beginning had everything wrong, using the short arm and defending only German investments. Being under protection, nobody likes it, but the troika instrument has worked, and the Greek recovery rhythms and those who have accepted constraints, such as Spain, Ireland and Portugal, agree with this choice. It will not please sovereignism, but if a country is on the brink of the abyss the solutions are only two: either barking at the moon thinking only of the votes of the next election or resorting to the global tools made necessary by the interdependence of a world in which one sneezing in Beijing or a rally in Istanbul affects the global village and its inhabitants, especially on the poorest. The news, however, is much less good for all states that preach populism, for which hard times are expected.


The desire to build and reconnect the divisions is what is missing today from a part of the population of rich countries, turned in on itself. But when tragedies happen, a machine is set in motion that we see only partially in action: hundreds of rescuers (by profession or volunteers) from all over the world saturate the first wounds (from the collapse of a bridge to the earthquake to the flood ) and lay the foundations for reconstruction, removing physical and psychological debris.
Then there are the “volunteers in need”, citizens who offer to help even if they do not belong to associations. It is a world, that of volunteering, which with its work also creates ties, builds communities, unites a population that in many parts is broken up, the sum of loneliness that have lost the sense of common good and sharing.
It happens not only in emergencies, but especially in everyday life, when this world responds to needs otherwise evaded and fills the voids left by the states, from its heavy administrative machine that has a short blanket, especially financially.
Today there is a great need for indulgent and non-judgmental looks, gazes that unite and create meetings rather than divisions. Politics is needed, but we all need it. It is the hour of great closeness, of human solidarity that unites us in the face of the tragedies that strike us.
We must, for all things, rediscover the sense of community. By contributing, each in its own small way, to recreate a basis of mutual trust, to create a positive social network: this is what the deep fear we have in us wins.

bridge collapse in Italy

Ponte Morandi, the bridge of the A10 motorway that connects Genoa to its western side and then to Savona and Ventimiglia, has collapsed this morning. A section of the viaduct suspended for several tens of meters was mainly due to a structural collapse on the inhabited area below. Dozens of cars that would have crashed. The 118 hijacked all available ambulances. “The dimension is epoch-making, dozens of dead among those who fell from the viaduct who got stuck under the rubble, the firefighters along with the sanitary facilities are pulling out the patients, someone has already arrived in the hospitals of Genoa. of Lombardy and Piedmont, all hospitals are available, we are working but at this moment we do not yet have the full size of the problem “. Francesco Bermano, director of the 118 of Genoa, told Adnkronos. During the rescue, a gas leak forced the firefighters to evacuate the intervention area.

humanitarian patrolling UE

I will explain in a subsequent article what it means to adopt one of the two solutions, but right now I want to make you understand the grip for the bottoms of the proposals that circulate in recent days, both at the government level and the European agency.

We will intervene to patrol the Mediterranean to ensure that tragedies like those that took place in recent days do not happen in the future. This means spending money, a lot of money to publicize the idea “embark on it and then let’s save you”. Let’s pay for part of the ticket, the immigrants will run less risk.

In short, and you understand it all, it is a solution that does not solve, even partially, the problem.

Let’s go back to the logic and try to write which of the two preferred initial solutions, motivating them


A boy, writing on Facebook, has called the gay pride a ridiculous one. I agree, certain manifestations are not in tune with my way of seeing the world.Anzi, exactly wrote: “There is nothing worse and more ridiculous than gay pride in the world?”, I would say yes, that there is something worse. Ignorance.

Any statement, requires an in-depth analysis of the root causes and motivations of the phenomenon that is analyzed.Requests the big attempt to understand the other, to understand why it behaves in a certain way, because it reacts as it should not, because screams of anger, It acts in an unconscious way. It is always ignorance that does not allow us to understand the dramas, the privations, the humiliations suffered by other men, the more we are well, the more we have power, the more we do not understand the different, the different. We only hope that we will never be on the other side, we could no longer use social media to show how small we are.


We can divide them into two large groups:

those who escape from war zones, massacres, violence, come to us, ask and obtain political asylum in the hope, ours and them, of a return to their homeland. Humanely, they are to be welcomed.

Those who leave their homeland, basically looking for a better human condition.

Poor areas, which in a few decades have surpassed the population of the rich and destined Europe and an impressive demographic increase. Of course, they will do everything to emigrate to Europe. Of course the condition for not letting them emigrate is to raise their standard of living, at our level. Only possible if our quality level will get worse. Will we have to go back to emigrating as at the beginning of the 20th century?

History teaches, the movements of the populations are unstoppable.

Sorry for the simplifications, but only by simplifying, perhaps, everyone will sense the stupid things that our rulers offer us as solutions.