Social uprisings have always started from bread.

In a few months we may find ourselves with skyrocketing food prices and a mass of unemployed who will not be able to buy them. A real social time bomb that should be defused and that instead the fiscal measures taken by Europe and Italy do not seem able to do it. What is happening in the raw materials sector, particularly agricultural ones, is a dynamic that will affect all the others, including oil, whose prices are particularly low today. Generally, when there are changes in trend, foodstuffs tend to anticipate economic cycles.

Groceries come from a decade of falling prices, in fact since the peak of March 31, 2008 the index has registered a decrease of 55%. The reduction in supply was also followed by a reduction in production capacity. At the end of Covid, I hope shortly, the market will have to deal with the recovery in consumption, linked to the return to normal after the lockdown, and above all for the stabilizing effect on the economy that fiscal and monetary stimuli will have. The plant of the support interventions reaches 5000 billion dollars. This will cause food prices to surge further in the coming months and lead to higher consumer prices. Decisions are slow in Europe and businesses are dying in the meantime. The longer it delays, the more the production and industrial capacity of the countries in greatest difficulty is reduced. If we continue not to give financial gasoline, at the reopening, in Italy there will be an extermination of small and medium-sized enterprises that will no longer reopen. And in Italy, resources are all aimed at supporting income. If this discourse becomes systemic when it reopens, the offer will not be able to keep up with demand. This phenomenon combined with the increase in raw material prices will really cause a very worrying macroeconomic scenario “, Soybean rice grain will cost more. The increase in the prices of wheat, rice, soybeans tomorrow could become dramatic We risk that power consumer purchasing, already compromised by job loss and reduced activity, is further undermined. We must be careful because all the social revolts have always started from bread “.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus or Sars Cov 2


Man has evolved thanks to a continuous war with other beings present in our earth system. With a continuous and painful selection caused by diseases and famines. Over time, we learned to gather in churches to ask for an end to the plague and to thank them for surviving.  Today, in front of Covid 19 we see the closed churches, the abjuration of all our past and future. The man who replaces himself, who surpasses and puts religion in the background. The decision to close the churches is very serious for the survival of religion. Very serious, for the survival of the human species, which stands in the way of natural selection, the rational choice of believing man to be able to decide for himself. A species that perhaps, taken by a delusion of omnipotence, has taken the path of extinction.

The art of not choosing

It is the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century, according to the UN. No, it’s not coronavirus. It is the war being fought in Syria around Idlib, a martyred city in the northwest, one of the last unfinished strongholds under the control of the Damascus regime. The rationality behind the conflict is chilling. For months, Russian aircraft have been helping the advance of Bashar el Assad rais forces in the region. The Moscow pilots together with the Syrian ones mercilessly bomb civilian targets such as markets, hospitals, refugee camps and roads because the chosen strategy is to depopulate the region – they are called war crimes, according to international law – and push millions of people to crush more and more north against the Turkish border.

Turkey, allied with the Islamists and Syrian rebels, would like a security belt close to the border to be spared from the advance, so that it is possible to somehow move the Syrian refugees now welcomed into the former Ottoman empire. But for now Russia doesn’t hear us. And Europe, now absent, will pay the consequences.


intelligence and pride

Great emphasis in Italy for isolating the coronavirus virus. Unfortunately, the genome had already been made public by China in an international database.As Nature recalls in a January 31 article, the first to isolate the virus were “a team from the Wuhan Institute of Virology led by virologist Zheng-Li Shi [who] isolated the virus from a 49-year-old woman, who developed the symptoms on December 23, 2019 before falling seriously ill. “Reading the words reported by the Ministry of Health, by Giovanni Rezza, director of the ISS infectious diseases department, we discover that “viral isolation was also carried out in Italy by Spallanzani”.The Ministry portal does not refer to primates of any kind, nor are they found in the authoritative foreign press.On the other hand, we are in a state where investment in research is zero, researchers are paid € 1,500 per month, and the best prefer to run abroad.With voters preferring the state to spend money on assistance and pensions.

state and crime

The Latins knew the famous saying “pecunia non olet”, a statement full of self-indulgence immune to any ethical and idealistic hesitation. From the slogan the step is short, yesterday as today, in believing that money, whatever its more or less legitimate origin, still brings wealth and well-being to the community. In the southern regions, for example, if there were no organized crime, unemployment would be at least 10% higher.

Do we wash our hands?

The undernourished people have reached 820 million with a jump of 25 million compared to 2017. It seemed a few years ago that the list could be shortened. But it didn’t happen that way. The number of those suffering from hunger has soared towards a peak never reached. Because food is wasted and because food has become the most globalized commodity. It is called agro-business and often has little to do with nutrition and much with the reckless use of resources in favor of an increasingly smaller slice of the population. Let us reflect on how we too contribute to this shame.

tax evasion in Italy

Today at Radio24(Italy), Focus Economia: 60% of the national annual IRPEF revenue is guaranteed by 12% of tax payers, almost all of whom are employees. This means that each employee pays taxes even for the 4 who do not pay them. The evasion / avoidance is estimated within a range between 100 and 140 billion a year, equal to 3-4 of the current financial maneuvers per year. Even if they are said to be shabby, evaders / evaders still benefit from all the public services paid by those who are unable to evade or evade tax. And then they come to say that the use of traceable payment instruments, through which the real standard of living of the tax payers is measured, is an “attack on freedom”. Yes, the freedom to escape.

movement or party?

In any way the crisis of the Italian Government is resolved, whether the Conte government remains in office or whether a new one of “purpose” or “electoral guarantee” is installed, that Salvini succeeds in obtaining the summoning of the polls in a short time or instead Grillo manages to avoid the end of the legislature thus saving the country from “psycho-dwarves, dancers and propaganda ministers” (until yesterday his allies), the time of the budgets came for the 5 Stars. Budgets that can only close in deep red. Red in the polls: 50% less than a year ago. Red in credibility: betrayed the key points of the electoral program. Red on the front of the ruling class: improvised and unprepared. Rosso, finally, on the crucial point of a political force propelled as an alternative to the system, identity: lost on the street. Then, someone in the 5 stars says he is not of the left. True, only the division is missing.

improve school, improve the country

The Italian school, the data say, if, according to it, Eurostat is in free fall. The latest reform costing millions of euros and the inclusion of over 100,000 teachers, initially called the enhancer and today perceived as a cause of inequalities by the teachers themselves, has not produced quality results for the students, fundamental to start the country on the road to the current , continues, decay.
Where and when did all this begin?
Living in the school and having the opportunity to observe public and private schools, of education but also of regional training, I can affirm that currently we go forward only for the commitment, beyond one’s duty, of the many teachers and staff who work there and do their utmost with commitment.
What is missing?
Pupils, parents, managers and professors are able to give the answer, which does not coincide with the political logic, makes it impossible for merit to enter the school, allowing instead the entry of people without vocation and without professionalism.
The great reform to restart the new Italian renaissance consists in reforming the access of personnel in the school, selecting it on the basis of merit with fair, fair and above all transparent competitions.
Open competitions, in which the previous service is not the rewarding element but only the opportunity to show the skills acquired over the years of supply.
The years of service must benefit those who show that they have learned to manage a class, that they have acquired teaching skills and techniques to improve our young students: from whatever initial condition they start, everyone is able to improve.
It is therefore sufficient to have reserved competitions, but not even competitions based exclusively on the concepts learned in the universities.
One must have the courage to select based on the possession of individual characteristics, the knowledge of the subject, their communicative ability, their leadership, flexibility, rationality, programming skills. It should be selected based on the passion in the job, not the number of years of service.